Sunday, 13 June 2010



The map takes you to Arbourthorne. We know we said it last time, but this really is a stunner. So high above the city that you feel like you're in the alps, if the alps had been covered in municipal housing in the 70s by an over-zealous city council.

It's a beautiful route: through Norfolk Park (one of the most handsome in the city), up past some lush new wooden houses, and onto a final grass plateau. If you go up here on a sunny day, it's going to look a little like this.

Picture by Gemma Thorpe.

Here are some jpegs of the map. Note: the point of this project is to get you up there with an actual paper map in your hand. Don't go up here with this on your bloody iphone. Arbourthorne isn't ready for touch screens.

The map includes a DIY tree rubbing area. We thought the trees in Norfolk Park were so incredibly beautiful, you might like to make a record of it for yourself. All you need to do is take a wax crayon with you, find an interesting tree, and rub over the top for yourself.

Hey presto: a one-off art-work, and a record of your walk.

PLEASE NOTE: the designer would like to request that you use a cyan blue crayon to make your rubbing. It's not obligatory, but it would look better.

Alright, it is obligatory.

Enjoy the view.

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  1. I have just found your blog. Fabulous stuff. The maps look wonderful..I must plan a trip north find one and use it!