Sunday, 24 July 2011


The Sheffield Publicity Department media machine lurched into top gear last weekend, putting together three (3) columns for the official Tramlines paper, The Tramlines Times. It was like being real journalists, with proper deadlines and everything. We even worked on Saturday! (Don't worry, we'll be claiming it back on our council flexi).

The paper looks absolutely sweet, so congrats to all involved. And the tone is just right: the Friday and Saturday editions both ended with SEE YOU TOMORROW, LOVE in big capitals. This is exactly the way we should be talking about our city. With a sense of humour and a bit of pride. Well done everyone.

Anyway, for the benefit of those who didn't manage to get their hands on the paper, we'll be putting the columns up here, plus our super limited edition tramlines/SPD meta-logo each time.


Thursday, 21 July 2011


Sometimes Sheffield pulls something special out of the bag. You can go for months without seeing a single person in the city centre after 6pm, then all of a sudden, an event will come along which floods the city with people. Out of nowhere, Sheffield feels like a big city.

It happened with Docfest, when the city centre was jam-packed with Londoners, identifiable by the takeaway coffees they clutched at all times, and their general air of wealth. (It would never occur to a Sheffield resident to get a coffee 'to go': nobody here is really so busy that they haven't got time to sit down).

And this weekend it's happening again with Tramlines. Now in it's third year, Tramlines is one part urban music festival and one part total chaos. Everyone is playing everywhere, you have to queue to get in your own house, and literally everyone is smiling for the whole weekend. You know that point at a good festival where you suddenly realise that you don't care what happens anymore? When you give up trying to find your friends 'outside the dance stage' and then they tap you on the shoulder? That's what happens at Tramlines.

Anyway. We've got involved in the Tramlines Times, with an interview with Peter and Paul, who've done the branding for Tramlines this year, and also a column for the paper, welcoming people to Sheffield. And we've reworked our logo for the occasion (see above).

We're also 'launching' (ie registering) the official unofficial SPD twitter 'feed' this weekend. We haven't got smartphones, so we won't be keeping you bang up to date with anything.

Right. Enjoy yourselves. We're off to get in the queue for Toddla.


Sheffield Publicity Department