Sunday, 24 July 2011


The Sheffield Publicity Department media machine lurched into top gear last weekend, putting together three (3) columns for the official Tramlines paper, The Tramlines Times. It was like being real journalists, with proper deadlines and everything. We even worked on Saturday! (Don't worry, we'll be claiming it back on our council flexi).

The paper looks absolutely sweet, so congrats to all involved. And the tone is just right: the Friday and Saturday editions both ended with SEE YOU TOMORROW, LOVE in big capitals. This is exactly the way we should be talking about our city. With a sense of humour and a bit of pride. Well done everyone.

Anyway, for the benefit of those who didn't manage to get their hands on the paper, we'll be putting the columns up here, plus our super limited edition tramlines/SPD meta-logo each time.


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