Friday, 26 August 2011


Let the minutes show: yesterday was possibly the best day in the history of the Sheffield Publicity Department.

We took some intrepid workshop participants up to the Park Hill, to fill in their tree-rubbing posters, and make a one-off poster about our urban forest. Here's what happened. Click on these photos people. They're worth it.

The weather was incredible. The sun shone down through the canopies. The views were spectacular. It was wonderful.

Thanks to everyone who came down: we'll get the pictures of you with your posters up soon.

Mega thanks to Gemma Thorpe for the lovely photos.

And ultra, super thanks to Jane and Natalie at the Site Gallery for asking us to get involved. Site Gallery has suddenly got amazing. Well done all.

PS if you couldn't make it down, the packs are now on sale at the Site gallery for £3.50. We're talking perfect Birthday/Christmas gift.

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  1. This looks great - I love the photos. I often feature Sheffield on my blog and I get some very positive comments from people from all over the world about how beautiful it is. Whilst I don't think it is beautiful in the sense that Bath and other older city's are, I think that it is an amazing city and I love loving in it (well, i'm on the cusp actually, but I am always proud to say I am from Sheffield)