Friday, 27 November 2009


Our first viewpoint map is out now.

The map shows you how to get to Skye Edge, one of our favourite views.

The maps are free. We'll post a full list of where you can get them just as soon as we know ourselves. It's a work in progress.


  1. hay up i have taken a liberty to do this
    goto the images are yours for nowt and ill let thee have the html/css so it can be put into this blog now i have walked this path for some years but not the way round i often come back that way the chip shop is rather good then a walk through Park Hill and then the station once here get the fuck out is my advice this city is being killed with fucking gentifaction next walk should be neepsend onto parkwood springs i can say just as good, there is another but you need to get on a tram oh that be stagecoach the buggers who wanted to stop us walking this path..

  2. "this city is being killed with gentifaction"
    Oh I don't know. It seems to me it could so with a bit more gentifaction. Parson Cross Manor
    Arbourthorne Darnall Firth Park Netherthorpe Shirecliffe Wincobank(sorry starting to sound like an old Pulp song now ) all seem to me like areas that could do with an upgrade.

  3. age is good in my book, forgive me tom but take a look at it is about what we have lost, an upgrade in what respect?

    the only change i desire is anarchy now we would be talking this city is fast becomeing dead..